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Fire Safety Services for International Companies

Working in the industry we repeatedly met with foreign businesses who incurred unnecessarily high costs for fire safety compliance in Russia, due to differences between Russian government standards and their countries. We work to maximize optimization of these costs, whilst ensuring uncompromising safety of production and administrative facilities of our clients.

As part of the Russian government initiative to help foreign companies to do business and invest in Russia, we offer the following services (with the possibility of direct consultations with the leading  highly qualified and experienced fire safety specialists):

  • Consulting on the principles of the Russian legislation on urban development and town planning activities, including fire safety regulations.
  • Consulting with regards to government fire safety regulations and services, including details of various policies, obtaining permits, details of the application process, fire safety declarations, etc.)
  • Clarification of the existing fire safety legislation and documentation requirements in Russian Federation. Expert advisory and dispute resolution assistance when controversial issues arise in the matters of law application with state regulatory, supervisory and expert bodies and various design and construction organizations. We also offer expert assessment of the compliance, optimality and adequacy of the proposed design solutions.
  • Assistance with adoption of foreign fire safety norms and documents.  Voluntary use of the adopted foreign fire safety procedures and documents ensures compliance with the requirements of Russian technical fire safety regulations.
  • Preliminary assessment of the possibility of obtaining consent from the supervisory authorities for decisions regarding fire safety facilities.  We will consider availability of the existing precedent technical solutions or assess the viability of adopting the new ones.
  • Assistance with selecting competent contractors in the industry.  Our recommendations are based on the analysis of their work experience, as well as positive interaction with Russian government authorities.
  • Compliance assessment of design documentation, prepared according to foreign standards, with the requirements of Russian fire safety regulations.
  • Development of technical design solutions and fire safety procedures for objects, which yet do not have documented regulatory fire safety requirements.

These services are professionally provided by leading Russian scientists and experts in the field of fire safety, with extensive experience in working with foreign organizations.

Our managers have worded abroad for many years. We pride ourselves on organizing all work communications and procedures in a professional manner, well familiar to your clients and according to international standards, in Russian, English or German.

Thank you for your attention, should you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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