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Fire Safety

Few disturbing facts about fires:

  • There are about 7 million fires in the world every year. They kill about 70 thousand people
  • In our country, the number of fires for every 1000 people exceeds the average world level by about 4%
  • In Russia, 100 fires account for about 6.6 fatalities
  • There are more than 240 thousand fires in Russia every year. Around 18-19 thousand people die or get injured
  • Direct material damage caused by these fires is somewhere between 3 to 4 billion rubles
  • The vast majority of fires are a consequence of the careless attitude of citizens to the existing fire safety rules

After reading the above facts, let me ask:

How serious is your organization about Fire Safety?

Violations of fire safety requirements include:

  • Failure or lack of automatic fire alarm systems
  • Storing large amounts of combustible materials in the premises
  • Storage of flammable liquids and gases in places not intended for these purposes
  • Lack of clearly defined and free evacuation routes
  • The presence of closed locks on emergency exit doors
  • Lack of specialised fire safety training of staff
  • Inadequacy or absence of basic fire protection equipment, and the inability of staff to use them
  • Installation of metal grates on windows, and other

If you do not consider fire safety seriously, as an integral part of your operations, you can never be safe.

Remember, in the workplace, each of us is responsible for the lives and health of others, as well as for the safety of property and assets of the organization.

"PBS" is a dynamic company, a leading provider of integrated services and equipment on the fire safety market for businesses and individuals.

Our services almost completely cover the fire safety needs of any organization. Large, medium and small size businesses can rely on our expertise and professionalism.  Our customers not only significantly reduce the cost and improve the fire safety of existing systems and processes, but also greatly reduce the risks of emergencies.

Our company aims to optimize the cost of fire safety systems and activities, as well as to ensure uncompromising safety of your facilities.

Working with us, you not only save time for the main activities of your organization, but are also guaranteed to get high quality results without additional resources!

Our company provides consulting, expert and engineering services in the field of fire safety and risk management of emergencies.

Our goals and objectives:

  • Provide quality services to ensure fire safety
  • Managing fire risk
  • Establish close and lasting relationships with clients


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